Luke Bellville is an attorney with a philosophy degree from the University of Minnesota and a law degree from the University of North Dakota. Belville has previously run for St. Paul school board and a Hennepin County judicial seat but was defeated in both contests. He has also worked as a teacher in Japan and South Korea.


On whether he would investigate cases of police brutality swiftly, thoroughly, and transparently: “This seems only reasonable, yes.”
Source: ACLU of Minnesota Smart Justice Questionnaire

“The use of diversion and/or treatment programs is to be championed for many situations where a person has been found in need of them. In the event that drug addiction has played a role in their arrest, the best thing that can be done for a person is to help them fight that problem, which is at the core a sickness of sorts; While it may not be totally cured, it may be forestalled, and reduces enough to allow those suffering to continue more normal and productive lives.”
Source: ACLU of Minnesota Smart Justice Questionnaire

On the question of cash bail: “It is not fair to the poor of the nation that they be held in confinement, even when innocent, simply because they do not have the resources to go home.”
Source: ACLU of Minnesota Smart Justice Questionnaire

“It is best that such bias is eliminated at all levels – a society that is fractured, rather than whole, shall never achieve the greatness it is due.”
Source: ACLU of Minnesota Smart Justice Questionnaire

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