Janice Rettman is the incumbent commissioner for District 3, having served since 1997. Prior to that, Rettman served 11 years on the St. Paul City Council Ward 5, representing the North End, South Como and Como Park areas and part of the East Side.

She is the vice-chair of the county board, vice-chair of the Ramsey County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, chair of the Audit Committee, ​and chair of the County Health Services Committee. She also served as director of the Saint Paul Housing Information Office, chair and board member of the District 10 Community Council and was a VISTA program volunteer.


Rettman would like to create a jointly run juvenile detention program between Washington, Dakota and Ramsey counties, pointing to a similar jointly run mental health program.
Source: LillieNews, 10/14/14

Discussing public health: “Our law enforcement has a major role to provide in public safety.”
Source: East Metro Voter Guide, 2018

“Public health has a critical responsibility for … outreach with new immigrants.”
Source: East Metro Voter Guide, 2018

Repeatedly voted no on a Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant project in favor of allocating funds toward more affordable housing in the project.
Source: Pioneer Press, 10/13/17

Cast the sole dissenting vote on the county’s decision to acquire the former Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant in Arden Hills for cleanup and redevelopment.
Source: Pioneer Press, 10/13/17

Cast the sole dissenting vote on a tax exemption of $1.5 million for Land O’Lakes: “Property taxes are what counties have to finance county government; it’s what Ramsey County has to finance Ramsey County government. … To exempt one entity for 15 years for their expansion for jobs, then I submit the same offer should be made to every business and every resident alike, for that is fairness and equity for all, not by exception.”
Source: Impact, 4/15/16

As lone dissenter on opening talks with Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, Rettman raised questions on whether the Vikings would reimburse for public safety and other services: “Is this the way we want to spend our precious few dollars?”
Source: Vadnais Heights Press, 2/22/11

According to LillieNews: “In terms of general goals, [Rettman] said she’d focus on creating ‘living and prevailing way jobs,’ pay equity, workforce development.”
Source: LillieNews, 10/14/14

Lone Ramsey County no vote on public ownership of Newport trash-processing facility. Public ownership was said to help Ramsey and Washington Counties achieve 75% by 2030 recycling goals; environmental groups said it would give financial incentive to permanent garbage burning.
Source: Woodbury Bulletin, 6/5/15

Spearheaded the movement for Trout Brook Sanctuary, stating just before the opening: “I saw them brokenhearted many times, because it took forever. … They were so incredibly devoted, saying we care about our neighborhood and our neighborhood doesn’t get a hell of a lot.”
Source: Pioneer Press, 5/28/15

Voted to table bike lanes in Ramsey County, claiming a lack of public process. Rettman also pointed to concerns about losing space for parking cars.
Source: Streets MN, 8/12/15

Authored 2008 resolution for Ramsey County sexual violence prevention plan.
Source: State of Minnesota, 3/11/08

Cast lone no vote for voter ID amendment to require state ID at the polls, noting that the board rarely takes public positions on political controversies and ballot issues.
Source: Pioneer Press, 10/8/12


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